About Me

I dream to be a innovator with designing thinking, solid understanding of technology and great product vision. I'm on my way there.

"Design can change people's lives" - Design thinking, Human-Centered Design

I got my bachelor degree in Industrial Design, where I was so passionate about product design and system design. I have the solid understanding of design thinking and design process, from brainstorming design concepts to multiple iterations of prototyping and testing.

"I want to build a car that can move" - Design Process

I built my first startup at Sophomore and built a team of 8 people, with people from Electrical Engineering, Design, Computer Science. We identified the problem that physical disabled people are excluded from the subway system in Beijing. We came up the idea of  building an electric vehicle where they can quickly mounted on their wheelchair and also provide them the correct indoor navigation system to travel through the crowded system. It's a platform service built upon the hardware (Electric Vehicle with engine, controller, power system) and software system, an indoor NFC navigation system equipped with Head-up display.

"Human is the essence of all design problems" - Understanding and Research about User

I interned at China’s Astronaut Center, human Factors engineering lab, I conducted the eye-tracking and EEG cognition research for disabled people in the indoor system, where we used the SMI eye-trackers to collect the focus, saccades data about users' visual system. I got a paper published there.

"Finding the bridge between human, technology and design" - HCI

Having study in HCI gave me more professional training in usability testing, product evaluation and information visualization.

Learning systematic knowledge of Computer Science and Coding - Technology, Computer Science

Besides the graduate courses to finish, for every semester at Georgia Tech, I took one of the core undergraduate Computer Science courses. Up till now, I've completed all the required courses for a bachelor in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.
- CS1331 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
- CS1332 Data Structure and Algorithms
- CS2340 Object and Design
- CS3510 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
- CS4400 Introduction to Database

By taking these courses, I have a much better understanding of Computer Science and Software Engineering. More importantly, they practiced my logical thinking and made me a better critical thinker.

I always debate with others whether a designer should learn coding and Computer Science. After taking these courses, I feel like knowledges like Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming can help me think abstractly and logically, with the focus of how to be a true problem solver.

Experiences in designing shipped-consumer products

During the summer, I interned at RetailMeNot, which is the largest coupon platform in United States. I worked on core business team, designed the mobile application both on Mobile Web and Native platform, worked on projects like Card linked offer, Store page redemption model and Merchants’ coupon. For every project, I got the chance to talk with engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders and participated in usability testing where we collect users' feedbacks to further improve the products. Besides UX Design and usability testing, I also learnt that UX has to align with business strategy, every design decisions are made with consideration of SEO, user acquisition, monetization and relationships with merchants.